Magic Dolls Handmade Blouse


Handsewn embroidery/ Needle work with cotton/ Handfinished

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Handmade blouse – traditionally called- ia– is hand-sewn on sheer white cotton with cute motif, called “the dolls”. This stitching pattern is an ancient one, originated form a very remote and rich ethnographic area in Transylvania, called Tinutul Padurenilor (The Land of Foresters). Ia Magic Dolls has a fixed embroidered neckline with blue ties and tassels. Like the doll symbol suggested, the blouse is ludic and, definitely, will transfer you a playful energy. Best worn with jeans or shorts, wide or pencil colored trousers.
If not on stock or you prefer a different color combinations, we can make it in 14-20 days. Easy to maintain, just hand wash gently and iron (cotton temperature), or not, as it looks great also a bit wrinkled.

Hand sewn embroidery/ Needle work with cotton/ Hand-finished


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