Roa Handmade Blouse


Hand-sewn embroidery/ Needle work with silk/ Hand finished

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Traditional handmade blouse with cotton and silk embroidery in geometric patterns, sewn by hand on the very fine cotton fabric. The main motif of this blouse is the “wheel”. Is the wheel of life, wheel of luck, everything moves around and what you give, is what you receive. ROA blouse has a traditional shape: smocked neckline with black ties and tassels, drawstring sleeves diamond seams under the armpits and little stars are embroidered all over back. This amazing blouse is like a symphony of symbols and colors, that enhance your beauty and good energy.
If not on stock, it can be made upon your order, in 21 days. In this case you can choose your prefered color combinations. Easy to mantain: handwash gently and iron (silk temperature).

Hand sewn embroidery/ Needle work with silk/ Hand-finished

Length from neckline to hem-
S: 58 cm
M: 62 cm
L: 66 cm
S: 120 cm
M: 124 cm
L: 134 cm
S: 60 cm
M: 65 cm
L: 66 cm


medium/large, small/medium


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