Saga Silk Gown


Handwoven in the loom/ Silk worm rearing/ Silk cocoon unwound / Extraction and spinning of silk thread / Weaving in the wooden loom/ Hand-finished. 100 cm of fabric is achieved in about 16-20 hours of weaving and a Saga dress is handcraft in about 21 days.

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100% handmade natural silk
The story of this silk gown begins almost a year ago, the time span time from the stages of a silk worms to this amazing and rare handmade silk gown. First come the silkworm rearing, until reach the chrysalis stage, then the silk cocoon is unwound and the shiny silk thread is spinning and weaving in the wooden loom. Another stage of laborious work starts, as 100 cm of fabric is achieved in about 16-20 hours of weaving.
This is a very rare garment of the highest craftsmanship and a lifetime dress.

Upon your order, we can offer different color combinations, at your choice. Easy to maintain: hand-wash gently and iron (silk temperature).

Lenghth: 145 cm
Width of the upper part 20 cm
Waist adjustable on the cord
Hip free
Hem circumference around 220 cm ”
Sleeve: 67 cm


Weight 999 g

medium/large, small/medium


Cristina Niculescu


Anda Ene