About us

And this is how it began

We began by collecting and restoring old national costumes, while on this journey, we discovered the magical dimension of  these clothes and their history.

We found a relationship between cosmic and earthly energies that are encrypted in these pieces of art, particularly on the blouses. Not only a handicraft, it is also a work of the soul and spirit united, that speaks in an enigmatic language of signs and symbols.

Spirited by a deep respect for our heritage, we dedicated a lot of time for documentation, selection and searching for the golden hands, capable of accomplishing this craft. Those carrying on with this artisanship are found in tiny ateliers in the countryside.

Collection made by popular artists

We present a very precious collection made by popular artists from different ethnographic regions of Romania.

We join those who contribute to the revival of the Romanian Blouse, the beautiful ia, to exceed the boundaries of museums or the dowry chest and to become a versatile piece ready to be worn in everyday life.

Using the best, natural fabrics, the blouses are sewn in complex patterns and ancient techniques. Faithfully, we recreate old masterpieces, while proposing contemporary models, also by reinterpreting the most beautiful and emblematic ancient blouses.